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FP7020 Full-Servo Sanitary Napkin Medium Packaging Machine
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FP5012-L High Speed Baby Wipes Packaging Machine

FP7020 Full-Servo Sanitary Napkin Medium Packaging Machine(For Sanitary Napkin And Wet-Wipes)

Product Features:
1:Full-servo Motion control system + High precision planetary reducer, with high speed and high performance.
2:Production parameters can be saved on system database, Loading for use for different product packing, increase productivity.
3:Modular mechanical designing, fast changing for different product type.
4:Two sets of front end-sealing unit to ensure sealing stability, and ensure sealing area with no bubble.
5:Additional cooling device to cooling front end-sealing area, decrease the film drawing deformation caused by sealing temperature.
6:Additional film traction device to ensure stable film tension, decrease the film drawing deformation.
7:Dual Film roll changeover automatically, realize non-stop production.
8:The unique narrow-side back end-sealing device, decrease the width after sealing.
9:Two sets of individual temperature control system for back end-sealing, ensure stablity and high efficiency.
10:Safety protection meets the CE standard.

Technical Specifications

Production Speed

<=65 packs/min

Packing specifications

For Reference: Standing or Stacking 

Product Dimensions


Film reel dimensions
Core diameter
Outer diameter

Max 600mm
Max 140mm



Packing material:

OPP,PET,PE , Maximum thickness of single layer membrane is 80μm

Electronic platform

Motion, HMI, Servo

Power requirement

380V(+/- 5%)/50Hz,3PH+N+PE ,12kva

Compressed air

6 bar, 450LPM

Machine dimensions
(Length × Width × Height)


Machine weight


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